Be a Strong Woman !

July 3,2017 | Michelle Steenhuis
What are your thoughts on being stronger? What does strength training mean to you? Being a strong woman is something I am very proud of, and is very much a reason I train. My fitness revolves around both lifting weights and calisthenics/bodyweight training; both equally effective when gaining strength.
There’s often a misconception that strength training will ‘bulk’ women, the reality is that woman lack enough testosterone to build muscle mass in the same way a man does. It requires a very particular body type, diet and intense training regime to build size. So let’s forget about that myth and focus on the actual benefits of strength training instead!
  • Decrease Body Fat - let’s be honest, everyone would prefer to have a lower healthy level of body fat to both feel and look better. Strength training builds muscle, the increase in lean muscle boosts your metabolism, a higher metabolism means you’re burning more calories while training but important to note also while resting. Hence reducing your body fat!
  • Strengthens Bones -  Increased muscle increases the density of your bones, which weaken as we age (as women everything deteriorates or drops as we age!!). Stronger muscles reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which women have a higher risk of due to frailer bones.
  • Easier Birthing - Ok so not every woman has a child or will go through the birthing process, but it’s important to recognise that the fitter and stronger your body is the more prepared it will be for the 9 months of pregnancy and the actual birthing process. Birth/labour has been known to be significantly shorter by stronger, fitter mothers…let’s face it, that’s a massive reason to stay fit and strong!
  • Reduce Injury Risks - Strength training strengthens joints and ligaments helping to reduce risk of injury. I strongly recommend a three dimensional approach to training for this reason. Reducing risk of injury through every day life of lifting objects but also other sports and recreational activities.
  • Improves Posture - a vast majority of our population has a job involving sitting, the effects of sitting damages our posture creating imbalances throughout the body often leaving you in pain and/or discomfort. Strengthening specific areas can correct the misalignments created to improve your posture - often work on your posterior chain is needed and stretching other areas. 
  • Feel Better! - All forms of training enhance your mood and reduce stress, strength training included. There’s a chemical reaction which happens in our bodies which releases endorphins, helping to reduce depression and simply make you happy! We all need happiness.
  • Focus - Give yourself focus by setting strength orientated goals. Press ups, pull ups, deadlifts, squats…the goals are limitless! It’s important to have focus with your training, it’s such a driving force of motivation!
What are you 'weighting' for? The above should be more than enough reason to start working on you strong game....enjoy!