Walking with the Wounded

July 3,2017 | Michelle Steenhuis

Genesis has been a part time base for my personal training for very close to three years. Quite often you’ll see me joking around in the reception area, rarely without a smile and the banter to match. It’s difficult not to be happy when you’re in an industry that you love.

The team at Genesis have kindly asked me to write about my own training and adventures. I do love an adventure! Challenging my body through events has become somewhat of a hobby of mine only in resent years; the main reason is to give my training focus beyond aesthetics and keep life interesting. My training is always goal orientated around activities that either make me stronger, move better or higher skilled. Which is also what I encourage my clients to focus on - aesthetics are simply a byproduct.

My most recent event was a 33mile hike across the interesting terrain of Dartmoor carrying a 60kg log (pictured) over three days, in a team of three equally strong bodied and willed ladies. The event was organised by Rob Blair of Commando Temple gym, fundraising and raising awareness for Walking with the Wounded. I personally raised over £1000, the group collective raised over £20k.

Last year was the Twisted Three Peaks…the challenge was to carry a pack including a 16kg kettlebell and supplies over the three highest peak in the UK. Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden. Again, I fundraised for The Shepherds Bush Families Project leading up to the challenge. For 2-3 months leading up to both events I feel like I did ALL the lunges and step ups possible, and spent at least 3hrs each week walking around London with my loaded pack. Sounds like hell to most, but I truly enjoy having the focus and challenging myself outside of the norm!

There are many other events I’ve dabbled in; Strongwoman competitions, Marathons, White Collar Boxing, a charity sprint to the top of the Gherkin (St Marys Axe), Tough Mudder. I love them all - apprentice of many, master of none! My current challenge is focussing on the skill of Calisthenics training - very similar to gymnastics - which I hope to master. Along side that I'm training for a kettlebell certification in September this year. It’s never a dull moment in my training schedule and I wouldn’t have it any other way, my biggest fitness tip to anyone to ask is to have a goal and do something you enjoy. As long as you’re enjoying the process you will remain dedicated, with dedication comes results.

See you around the studio, don’t be shy I’m always up for a chat!