Sports Massage at Genesis

Whether you are experiencing muscle ache, joint issue, back pain, training for a competition or simply have tight muscles, Our Sports Therapists are here to help you.

Sports Massage

This type of massage is recommended if you are recovering from an injury or are aware of longer term postural or muscle imbalances that you would like to address. Sports Massage is also an essential part of a sport training schedule and can be used immediately pre or post performance to either prepare muscles for working or to help the recovery process.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer form of massage working into the deeper layers of muscle tissue, Deep Tissue Massage incorporates some of the moves of Swedish Massage with additional techniques to ‘knead’ deeper into areas of tension or muscular damage.

The aim is to break down muscle ‘knots’ (fibre adhesions), release tension sites and boost blood and nutrient supply to both deep and superficial layers of muscle tissue. This type of massage is recommended if you’re aware of tightness or tension in your body.

We also offer pregnancy massage, relaxation massage, Swedish massage.

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Meet the Therapists

Loic Lefevre
Sports Therapist
Samia Gomez
Sports Therapist