Pre and Postnatal Packages

Knowing how to train, to stay fit and healthy, throughout your pregnancy and after can be difficult. We understand this and that all pregnancies are different. This is why we create tailor-made packages to suit your individual needs.

The services that we offer as part of these packages are:

- Personal Training (strength and weight management)

- Physiotherapy (pelvic floor and core function)

- Pregnancy Massage

For guidance, below are 2 samples of packages we could provide, one prenatal and one postnatal.


monthly programme

£295 / month

- Personal Training once a week

(4 x 60min)

- 1 x 60 min Pregnancy Massage


8 week programme


- Personal Training twice a week

(16 x 60min)

- 1 x Physiotherapy assessment

- 2 x Physiotherapy follow-ups