Pre and Postnatal Packages

Our pregnancy and post-natal packages are

We understand all pregnancies are different, so we tailor the package to your individual needs.

The services that we offer as part of these packages are :

- Personal Training (strength and weight management)

- Physiotherapy (pelvic floor and core function)

- Pregnancy Massage

- Reflexology

For guidance, below are 2 sample packages, one prenatal and one postnatal.

We can develop a bespoke package to suit your requirements.



12 week programme


- Personal Training once a week

(12 x 60min)

- 4 x 60 min Reflexology

- 2 x 60 min Pregnancy Massage


8 week programme


- Personal Training twice a week

(16 x 60min)

- 1 x Physiotherapy assessment

- 3 x Physiotherapy follow-ups